St Luke Physician - St. Elizabeth Physicians for Women refused to see me!

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I went to St.Luke's Physicians for Women in Florence for my annual pap for birth control pills.

After a very legnthy wait behind nonpaying, free customers, and waiting half naked for another 45 minutes, Dr. Lavendar came in, refused to see me and give me perscription because of my age (36). They returned my co-pay but are now sending me to court over the 10$ copay they gave back to me!!! They are rude, completely unprofessional and have their own catholic agenda about appropriate birth control for everyone.

I went to my regular family dr and checked out fine. The staff sits around and talks with the drs while the waiting room is full of patients and screaming kids. The fact that Dr. Lavender refused to give me the birthcontrol that I have been on for 18 years, and the fact I am completely healthy is insane.

I do not appreciate a doctor pushing his religious view of birth control on me.

Then to turn around and double charge my insurance and harrass me for the 10$ mistake the office made??????Completely unprofessional.

Review about: Appointment Cancellation.

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